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Our Story

Who We Are.

In 1969, a group of Muslim brothers felt strongly that there was an important vacuum in the Muslim community of Mauritius. While on the religious and cultural levels, we were well provided for – 110 mosques and some 600 madrassahs, a central socio-economic institution was absent. Hence the birth of the Islamic Welfare Foundation which by and by has come to assume the role of the Mauritian Bait-Ul-Maal. It is recognised by the Government as a Registered Charitable Organisation (Registration Number: 855) and is affiliated to the government sponsored Mauritius Council of Social Service.

Major Role of IWF


Give a better preparation to our needy and deserving young to compete for their livelihood through EDUCATION.

Job Training

Give skills to the work-searcher through JOB TRAINING

Job Creation

Provide modest capital and equipment to the unemployed.

Monthly Food Rations

Relief of the old and poor through MONTHLY FOOD RATIONS

Housing for the Poor

Relief of the old and poor by helping them finding a new home or with home renovations,

Medical Assistance

Relief of suffering through MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.

Major Clause of IWF

To give assistance, financial or otherwise, to relieve distress.

To give general advice in social and other welfare matters.
To encourage learning

To award scholarships, to make donations and grants.

To publish and/or to encourage the publication of books periodicals and magazine etc which will be of benefit to members of the Islamic Faith.

To promote Islamic Education and Culture.

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Statistics of last 3 Years

Meet The Team

Mr. Shakil Sayed
Mr. Reshad Uteem (CSK)
Vice Chairman
Mr. Yousouf Jackaria
Mr. M. Swaleh Lallmahamood (OSK)
Assistant Secretary
Mr. Irfan Abdool Raman
Mr. Hassam Ramjaun
Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Khodadeen Sumodhee (OBE)
Mr. A. Rahman Jumeer
Mr. A. Hamid Soobrattee
Mr. Swaleh Ibrahim
Mr. Elshad Chuttun (FCCA)
Mr. Yousouf Peerbaccus (ACCA)